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Las Vegas Male Strippers Unleashed, Male Strip Club Las Vegas

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Male Stripper
Las Vegas Male Strippers Unleashed is here! Are you Ready to get UNLEASHED Las Vegas?


Las Vegas Male Strippers UNLEASHED, the hottest male revue show Las Vegas has to offer.  Now you can see these male strippers in Las Vegas up close and personal at the hottest all male revue and male strip club in Las Vegas.  Our Las Vegas Male Strippers UNLEASHED Men are here to take it all off and entertain you with, coordinated dance routines and amazing costumes that will leave you wanting more!  

The Men of UNLEASHED Male Revue strip shows have performed in Male Strip Clubs and Night Clubs nationwide and are now here in Las Vegas, NV to dance and show their stuff just for you!  From good ole' country boys, to the sexiest city studs, we have something for everyone! 


Join us at Las Vegas Male Strippers UNLEASHED...
sit back relax and enjoy 2 hours of the best looking Las Vegas Male Strippers UNLEASHED men in the country and their heart stopping show that will leave you breathless!


Las Vegas Male Strippers UNLEASHED is the perfect event to celebrate Las Vegas Bachelorette Parties, Las Vegas Birthday Parties, Las Vegas Divorce Parties, or just a fun Ladies Night Out In Las Vegas.

Can't make it to the Las Vegas male strip club show? Hire Las Vegas male Strippers today from Male Strippers Unleashed Las Vegas and bring the male strip club to you with some Las Vegas private party male strippers! With some of the hottest strippers in the country working for Male Strippers Unleashed we are sure to make your male strippers Las Vegas party needs an unforgettable experience!

  • How do I hire a male stripper in NYC or any city? (WE HAVE MALE STRIPPERS FOR HIRE IN EVERY CITY IN THE U.S.!)
    The Booking Process for hiring male strippers is as easy as ordering a pizza. Simply fill out the short form and receive instant notification of confirmation! You will be instantly notified that your male stripper or strippers are booked, so you can rest assured and start preparing for your bachelorette party, birthday party, any party, or a fun night out and leave the strippers to us! Still not sure? Try it now by going here: Entertainer Booking Form.
  • How long do I get the male strippers for my party when I book online through Male Strippers Unleashed?
    All default stripper parties are at least 45 minutes long unless you specify less time. However, that doesn’t mean the strippers won’t stay longer! If they are having a great time (and receiving good tips), they will stay up to an hour-long ;)
  • What if I need a male stripper or male strippers for longer than the 45-minute minimum? Could I pay the stripper personally to stay longer while he is already there?
    If you know in advance that you will want to hire a stripper for longer than 45 minutes, it is necessary to specify that in the booking form advance. This is to ensure you can have the stripper for the time you need, keep in mind that they may have other shows at other locations right after yours so they may not be able to stay.
  • Okay, that sounds good and all but what is the cost to hire a male stripper or more than one male stripper?"
    The underlying cost to hire a male stripper is $225.00 - $250.00 per 45 minutes to the 1-hour party! This price is based on the metro area you are hiring for. This cost covers anything and everything within a 10-mile radius of that metro area. Please refer to the hire a male stripper page of Male Strippers Unleashed to see the pricing for anything over 10 miles from the metro area. Also, never hesitate to call or inquire via email with any questions regarding hiring one or more male strippers! We are here to help you in your stripper hiring journey!
  • Do you have costumes or clothing that I can choose for the stripper(s)?
    We carry a wide variety of costumes and clothing that you can choose from on the stripper booking form. If you would like a different costume or clothing that our company does not have, you can pay in advance to us or have the costume available upon arrival of the stripper or strippers to change into before the party or event.
  • How far in advance should we book the stripper(s)?
    The obvious answer: it’s always a good idea to book as far in advance as possible to streamline the stripper booking process and ensure there will be a stripper available for your party. We know that you don’t always know when you will want to hire a male stripper until days or even hours before, and that is okay too! We can take last-minute bookings, no problem! Please note that there may be an extra charge for same-day stripper bookings.
  • How are tips handled? Are they included in the booking deposit and cash upon arrival?
    The deposit allows us to tell the male stripper you are serious about hiring them for your party. The cash upon arrival is just the base pay for the stripper and does not include tips. As always, they are very grateful for the tips!
  • I don’t have a room number from the hotel I am staying at for my bachelor party or birthday party. I am renting a male stripper to come to the party, what do I do?"
    If you want to hire a male stripper for a private show in a hotel and don’t have the room number yet, no worries! The stripper will text or call you a few hours before the show to confirm the information! and will get that information from you!
  • When we hire male strippers, there will be guys in the group and private parties. Do we need to hire a gay-friendly male stripper? Do you offer those? What if there are males and females both in the group?"
    No worries. We can most definitely accommodate any type of party: strippers for females or bachelorette parties, strippers for male-female couples, male strippers for male-male couples, strippers for bisexuals, or any combination thereof! If you need gay-friendly strippers, bisexual strippers, or straight (heterosexual) strippers, we have your party covered! Please, just note in the special notes section of the form what type of stripper you would like. This ensures we send the best exotic dancer for your party!
  • Does your male stripper for hire business have party bus strippers or limo strippers?
    Of course, we do! We can send our strippers in party busses, limos, or other transportation as long as there will be completely sober drivers! Safety first for our strippers and customers! You must be able to pick the entertainer up and drop them off at the same location once the time is up. You can also pay for the transportation via Uber, Taxi, or Lyft as long as it is safe and sober!
  • What are our options for locations when hiring a private male stripper?
    That is completely up to you as to where you throw your private stripper party! This is a chance to get creative and have a unique stripper party! Examples of our customer's party locations include A Hotel, Airbnb, Limo, Party Bus, Private Event Space, Business Space Rental, Private House, Apartment, Condo, Garage, Backyard Party, Night Club, Bar, Lounge, Temporary Rental. To be short, we have parties almost anywhere you can think of!
  • What is the requirement for minimum guests?
    No minimum guest requirement. 1-300 people with no limits! You can treat yourself to a private stripper alone or you can have a party with hundreds of other people, the choice is all yours!
  • How do I pay for the male stripper or strippers?
    Use the booking form online at then pay the booking deposit with a credit card. You will then receive a confirmation in the email you specify from the form. On the same day of the event you have scheduled, the male exotic entertainer will call or text (SMS) you to confirm the details: location, time, place, and other specifics. This allows you direct communication with your exact entertainer and offers you to speak with them so there is zero confusion! You then should prepare to have the remaining balance in cash upon arrival of the entertainer! After that, it is game on! In summary: Pay a deposit after filling out the form. Pay the stripper directly in cash upon arrival! Begin Fun!
  • How does tipping work, is there a minimum requirement?"
    We don’t enforce a requirement for tipping, BUT we believe that the stripper or strippers should be compensated for a job well done. Tips are appreciated! The male strippers work hard to hone their skills so this means working when they are not working, practicing, and training! Our strippers are the best in the world and spend countless hours each week in the gym, on the dance floor, and at parties! An average tip of $20.00 per attendee is a great start and the standard rate but this should be adjusted higher for an excellent performance!
  • Something came up and I need to cancel the male stripper reservations. What should I do!?
    We apologize for the inconvenience but refunds are not permitted on booking/deposit fees once you pay online. We will, however, reschedule your male stripper or strippers if you need to cancel! If you cancel greater than or equal to 72 hours before your stripper is booked, there is no fee to change! If you do so with less than 72 hours' notice, there will be a $25 rebooking fee.
  • Can we take pictures/photographs of the male strippers?
    YES! Photos are generally allowed. Please be mindful that some of these gentlemen are not just strippers pretending to be Cops, Doctors, or Firemen, but some are! Some of our strippers may not want to be noticed for reasons such as these so please respect the request of each performer. Most of the time, it is not the case and you can shoot away!
  • Are you allowed to touch the male strippers?
    Yes! It wouldn’t be that fun to hire a male stripper for your bachelorette party, only to find out that you can’t touch the stripper! As long as you show respect and class, go out there and have a fun and unforgettable experience with your male stripper!
  • Do the male entertainers get completely naked?
    Getting nude is not promised and is discretionary to the individual dancer/performer. If you would like the entertainer to get nude, please be respectful and ask if they are comfortable with getting completely naked for the party. If they are comfortable getting naked, they will. And remember…. NO HANKY PANKY!
Male Strippers to Spice Up Any Event!


Male strippers are no longer that boring and average. They are now sexy, fun, daring, and very appealing to every man. The only thing you need to do to make it even better is to visit the right male strip club for your special occasion. Hiring male strippers to perform at your party or club is very common and is a lot of fun. It is a great way of expressing the wild side of you or giving the women an unforgettable night.

Bachelorette parties are meant to be a great time for the bride to be as she awaits her big day. There is nothing more exciting than seeing all your friends and family get together for one great night. Bachelorette parties are common for single women in the city and you can find a male strip club in Las Vegas which offers the most amazing ambience for an awesome night. Hiring male strippers to entertain the crowd is a great way of boosting the spirits of the bachelorette. These male strippers will drive all the attention towards them.

Strippers from the male revue in Vegas offer some of the hottest entertainment around. They are not average male strippers but are professional strippers who have the skills to turn up the heat on anyone. It doesn't matter if you are at the club or at home, male strippers can ensure that everyone will have a memorable night. The services offered by male strippers can satisfy all your needs, whether it's having a good time with friends at home or entertaining all your guests at the club. These male strippers in Vegas can make any event or venue an unforgettable experience.

Birthday parties, anniversaries, graduation celebrations - the list of events where male strippers can help make these events even more memorable. They are experts at making any party or gathering a success. They offer male strippers to cater to the party's theme. For example, if you are celebrating a birthday at a club, you can hire a male stripper to dance on any genre of music. You can hire male strippers for special birthday parties or even for your employees! Add some spice to the annual company meeting! Also, any graduation or alumni event is a good time to go to a strip club.

If you are planning a bachelorette party, you cannot overlook the benefits of hiring male strippers for added fun. When you hire a male stripper for the occasion, you can make it a night to remember. The customers who come into the bachelorette party are sure to leave with great memories of the occasion and the male strip club. Unlike other parties where drinks are served, the male strip club allows you to drink without worrying about getting drunk.

For some women, there is nothing sexier than watching exotic dancers perform incredible moves. These male strippers offer a different level of entertainment. Their services can ensure that every single member of the audience leaves the venue with great impressions. Male strippers not only help build business for clubs and companies, they also allow men to have fun at their own personal level. They allow men to enjoy themselves whenever they want to without worrying about the consequences.

Best Male Strip Club In Las Vegas!

If you're planning your next stag or bachelorette party, then you've found the right place. Here you will find the best male strip clubs in Vegas and many other hot spots throughout the United States. The best club is Male Strippers Unleashed! The Men of UNLEASHED Male Stripper Show is a proven success with its unique and high-energy entertainment that leaves every guest roaring with pleasure.

Bachelorette Party Destination: The Bachelorette party and strip club in Las Vegas that have rockin' tunes and sexy dancers that leave guests in the moment is the ultimate girls' night out with the hottest male strippers in town. The Men of UNCLEASHED Male Stripper Show is known for bringing some of the best male strip club entertainment to Vegas. They have shows that go on all week, featuring some of the sexiest and beautiful strip club dancers in Las Vegas and across the country. Each dancer provides a unique show that is guaranteed to give any woman the best experience ever.

Favorite Lap Dance Entertainment: What makes the strip club great is the sexy men who perform exotic and sensuous dance moves. The Male Strip Club in Las Vegas is the ultimate source for some of the best exotic lap dances in the world. The male revues include pole dancing, back door, and many other exotic dance moves that are sure to drive women wild with desire. The male revues dancers also provide some of the sexiest male strip club lap dances ever. Plus, the men are also known for their incredible and hard-hitting male strip clubs' music.

Bachelorette Party Entertainment: When the bride to be gets ready for her Las Vegas wedding, one of her most important pre-wedding rituals is to spend time at the casino gambling. This is one of the most common activities that happens before weddings and is often one of the first things to get done once the wedding gets underway. The bachelorette party is the perfect place to go to relax and enjoy the nightlife while awaiting the "I Dos". If you are planning a Las Vegas bachelorette party or even a Las Vegas wedding it would not be complete without at least one stop at the hottest male strip clubs in town. The male strip clubs in Vegas have been designed with the female members in mind. They offer beautiful rooms, killer ambiance, great food, and more.

When it comes to planning a Las Vegas wedding or a Las Vegas bachelorette party, it is important to think about entertainment. There are many beautiful women waiting to get their chance to show off what they have got. With all the great male strip clubs in Las Vegas and with the incredible food and drinks, it is easy to forget that there is another side to Las Vegas that is the entertainment capital of the world. The best male strip clubs in Las Vegas are going to provide the entertainment for your party, no matter what the occasion might be. After all, Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations in the United States for all types of celebrations and events

Birthday Girls and Girls Trips to Las Vegas

Ladies night out just got a little hotter in Las Vegas, whether you're celebrating a birthday party or just a girls trip or night out in Vegas, Male Strippers Unleashed is the Ultimate Male Strip Club Experience in Las Vegas Nevada and is guaranteed to make it a ladies night out event you'll never forget! Our sexy Las Vegas Male Strippers are here to excite and entertain and thy will do just that!


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